Ho there newcomers,

My name is Stew Shearer and I am the guy behind this humble little blog. A little about myself:

I am a part time gaming journalist currently residing in Vermont with my wife Amanda whom I adore on more levels than I can describe in just a few short words. We met at Saint Michael’s College in 2005, dated throughout our schooling and married in May 0f 2009. She works as a daycare provider, something I also dabbled in during school. She’s currently enthralled with everything Bioware, making her probably the coolest spouse of all time.

In terms of my own gaming, I have been playing since the NES days. The story as it goes is that my love of it began when I was three or four and my brothers, not wanting to give the NES to their annoying younger sibling would give me the second controller and tell me I was the one controlling Mario.

Since those days I’ve become completely enthralled with gaming as a medium of entertainment and storytelling.  I am not a fanboy. I own all of the current generation consoles excepting the Xbox 360, and would gladly accept one if someone were to gift one upon me.

In terms of game writing, I’ve worked at a variety of sites over the past few years in a diverse collection of capacities. I started off as an editorialist for RPGamer, which was a joy. I soon took over the opinion column as a whole and ran that for a time before leaving the site to pursue other opportunities. Since then I’ve done just about every sort of writing that game writers do: news, reviews, previews, interviews, features, opinion, guide writing. I’ve had work published in GamesRadar, IGN and GamePro. I also write a monthly column at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. This blog is actually a sort of a tie in to that. My column, like this blog is entitled “New England Gamer” and serves as a platform for monthly musings about video games. I hope to soon expand that to reviews as well.

So what will I do with this blog? My plans as of the moment are to use it to write out shorter pieces about gaming that come to me on a day to day basis. Maybe it will be something that strikes me at GameStop, or maybe something I just think of while I wreak havoc across the wild west in Red Dead Redemption. In other words, it’s a blog. That said, I hope to make it quality enough to distinguish it from the countless others out there.

So please enjoy, and stop in regularly as generlly speaking, writing content is more fun if you have an audience to read it.

Also, if any kind soul would be interested in making a better banner please drop me a line at I’m not the best when it comes to graphic design and would love something a bit classier then the MS Paint throw together I’m using now.

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