Star Wars Trilogy Arcade… I Hardly Knew Ye.

Pizza Putt is not my favorite Vermont restaraunt. The food is subpar and the atmosphere is tailored more toward the screaming, bratty child demographic then anything even resembling the adult crowd. It is generally just an annoying place to go, but nonetheless regular family outings and limited places to eat means that we eventually wind up there, munching away on bad pizza under the watchful eye of poorly painted Disney characters

There has always been one bright spot however that has kept me from minding. Pizza Putt you see had an arcade housing one only two arcade games I consistently enjoy: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.

Emphasis on the “had”. Pizza Putt recently went through some rennovations, adding bumper cars, bowling and other kiddy fare. Sadly though, they removed Star Wars. The discovery was a sad one for me. We took our seats, and I in my usual child-trapped-in-an-adults-body fashion bounded off, tokens in hand to play the game. 

It was gone and I returned sullenly to my table. 

You wouldn’t think such a thing could affect a person so, but it really had me down. Video games are a routine part of my life. I’m actually playing Persona 3 Portable while I write this.  That said, Star Wars Arcade was special.

As a kid you see, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was the game I look for whenever I ventured near an arcade. I never had enough money or skill to beat it. I rarely ever made it past the first stage. Then as time went on and arcades died, my encounters with it became more rare. Such time had passed that I had all but forgotten in.

Then I found it again at Pizza Putt. I played it more, got better at it, and during my last session almost beat it. Now it’s gone and realistically I think I’ll probably never play it again. I think that is what makes me the saddest. It’s too expensive to buy the game, and even if it was ported to a console or handheld the experience would not be the same.

After learning that it was gone, I went to GameStop and bought a copy of Star Wars Rogue Leader for the GameCube. I hoped it would satisfy my need for geeky space dogfights. It’s a great game, and a lot of fun, but it’s no replacement.

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