Final Fantasy VI…The Inevitable Remake

While perusing through my regular bevy of news sites, I came across this article at 1up.

It seems that Square Enix may yet remake Final Fantasy V and VI, now on the 3DS when it comes out. Skimming through the comments, I found my fellow gamers ecstatic over this potential bit of news. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but with moderately successful remakes of Final Fantasy III and IV under their belt you can pretty much guarantee this will happy sooner or later.

I’m very torn on the matter. On the one hand, I’d welcome a remake of Final Fantasy V. I have the Game Boy Advance port and enjoyed it, but then it was never my favorite Final Fantasy. I loved th battle system and the story sufficed, but the visuals have not aged well. It is one of those 16-bit games that lacks the retro visual charm of the better looking games on the SNES.

In short, it’s a game that could benefit from a remake.

Final Fantasy VI though, I’m not so sure. A part of me knows that my resistance is based partly in nostalgia. Final Fantasy VI is in my opinion the strongest in the series. The story is fantastic, the music unparalleled and the battle system is simple yet strong. And the visuals? Coming out late in the SNES life cycle, they are that perfect sort of retro that is absolutely timeless. It’s been more then fifteen years and I still find them to be gorgeous and charming.

I sincerely fear that a 3D remake will ruin that. Granted, I’m more receptive to a 3DS remake than a DS one. The remakes of III and IV were in all truth, a bit ugly. That said, even with better hardware 3D graphics always tend to age more poorly then 2D games. There’s a reason so many t-shirts have Mario from the NES era rather than the N64 years. Nostalgia aside, the old 8-bit sprite just looks better than his 64-bit counterpart. Simplicity ages better then complexity, pure and simple.

So in short, why remake perfection? Is a visual face lift really necessary when the original version still looks great? Why not let something age with grace and respect rather than forcing it through a Joan Rivers procedure every ten to fifteen years?

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