Grease the Video Game?

Whilst skimming through my daily GamesPress update I came across a set of screenshots for Grease the video game. My initial reaction was along the lines of “huh?” Curious, I did a bit of research. Set to be released on the Wii and DS, it’s supposed to be a dance and kareoke themed game based on the songs and routines of the musical.

Honestly, I don’t really think it’s a horrible idea. Granted, the Wii and DS game look kind of stupid, reminding me more of the Drawn Together spoof of Grease than anything else, but I could actually see a game centered around honest to goodness musicals working.

People enjoy singing games. Their continued success is more than enough evidence of that. That said, most often the music is disconnected and usually no longer then your average music video. If there are longer songs, they’re generally included to appease fans of epic guitar solos.

So why not base entire games around recreating a live musical? Video games are definitely capable of the required level of cinematics to recreate theater and even just a standard kareoke game attached to Broadway music would probably be enough to satisfy music gamers who also fancy themselves fans of musical theater.

There would of course be limitations. Instruments would likely be out of the question considering the ensemble nature of conventional musicals, but really we could probably do without anyway. Besides, when you’re playing a game based on Phantom of the Opera, who wants to be in charge of the triangle any ways?

Harmonix. Activsion. One of you try this!

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