Tuesday Top 5: Underrated PSP Games that you Should Play.

One thing that has always dogged the PSP is its sometimes scant library of games. Not that it’s really all that scant. Sure the best PSP games can be a bit few and far between, but overall Sony’s little handheld has a pretty solid collection of games across a variety of genres. You just need to look for them. In the spirit of that, here’s five good games that should get more credit then they do.

X-Men: Legends 2
How can you make a solid X-Men RPG even better? Make it portable! X-Men: Legends 2 defied the common logic of the console to handheld port in that it managed to replicate not just the story and gameplay of the console game, but also its quality. The PSP version actually managed to score higher then some of its bigger, “full-fledged” siblings. Not too shabby.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
This game stands out to me not just as a great stealth game, but also as one of the first games I reviewed for a large, well-know site. Another port of a console game, the PSP version takes a number of tested tropes of stealth games and combines them to make one of the best recent entres in the ailing Tenchu franchise. It also looks great, easily matching its Wii counterpart graphic for graphic.

Undead Knights
I love zombies. I love zombie films. I love zombie books and I love zombie video games. The thing is, a lot of them tend to be the same. Swarms of zombies attack, you fight them off, yadda yadda. Undead Knights puts you in the shoes of one of three pissed off medieval warriors endowed with the power of zombification. Your job is to gleefully use it to exact your revenge on the folk that done betrayed you. A great, original action game that barely anyone played.

Metal Gear Ac!d
Why gamers hated this so much I will never know. It garnered critical praise, it looks great and is a clever, unique take on turn-based strategy. Oh, wait, I know what the problem was, it was different. Fans of Metal Gear Solid wanted a game that played like what they were used to, so when they got a turn-based-card-stealth-strategy game (say that five times fast), they lost their rockers. The thing is, it’s actually a good game and thanks to its unequivocal failure, you can pick up both it and its sequel for roughly five bucks a piece.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
While I mainly write about Dark Mirror here, much the same can be said for its sequel Logan’s Shadow as well. The hardest thing to pull off on the PSP is a good shooter. The lack of dual analog sticks severely limits the control options. That said, there are a few games that manage to do it with relative success. Most people point to Resistance: Retribution. I’d guide you Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Out well before Retribution, Dark Mirror sports an arguably better control scheme, gameplay designed to fit the PSP and a story reminiscent of an 80s/90s action flick. Logan’s Shadow does much of the same while improving the story. No one’s saying they’re perfect, the PSP honestly is just not well designed to handle shooters, but they certainly beat the hand cramps induced by DS shooting games.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Top 5: Underrated PSP Games that you Should Play.

  1. nate-dog7 says:

    i have to agree about mgs acid… great game. and as a big metal gear fan i was not disappointed in the slightest.

  2. Ninjuitsu says:

    Yeah , i seriously LOVED acid one and two as well as Potable opps , now peace walker is AMAZING and im recently digging the psp much more then i used too , go sony ^.^

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