Tuesday Top 5: Games I Want to Play Again

My backlog is an ever expanding monster that I’ll probably never defeat. There just isn’t enough time in a day, and enough days in a year to whittle away every game I haven’t beaten yet. Even with a backlog of unfinished titles and the prospect of even more new, great games on the horizon, I often have the urge to go back and replay a few favorites.

5. Fire Emblem (GBA)

Easily my favorite out of the Fire Emblem games available in North America, Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance is easily the best SRPG I’ve ever played. Like all the Fire Emblems the gameplay is relatively simple, playing almost like rock-paper-scissors. That said, the unforgiving difficulty ups the ante and the franchise distinguishes itself by being one of the few truly strategic SRPGs. Where Final Fantasy Tactics is more about obsessively customizing your units, Fire Emblem plays like an actual strategy game. Holding a bridge against superior forces is far more important than collecting job points. Above all else, you need to keep your units alive. There are no Pheonix Downs in Fire Emblem. If you let someone die, they’re gone for good.

4. StarCraft 64

While StarCraft has been off my radar for quite some time, yesterday’s release of Starcraft II has brought up some rather fond memories of nuking the hell out of the Zerg and Protoss. Terrans all the way! From what I’ve been told, the Nintendo 64 port of the game pales in comparison to the original PC version. If that’s the case then the PC game must have been off the wall fantastic because the N64 game was still really great. I’ll never understand all the hubbub about makin RTS games work on consoles. As far as I’m concerned they did a pretty job of it back in 2000.

3. Wing Commander II

Writing about this game yesterday gave me a real hankering to load it back up and take on the Kilrathi all over again. Wing Commander II just did so many things right and while it could sometimes be a difficult game, that challenge only made the victories all the more satisfying. Sincerely, nothing beats finally bagging that last Dralthi that has been evading you for the last fifteen minutes.

2. Demon’s Souls

I adored Demon’s Souls, but thanks to my aforementione backlog of games I never really gave it the time it deserved. I plowed through the game as a warrior, hacking and slashing my way to the end credits. But there’s still so much to do! I never even tried playing with magic. I never tried learning to fight with a heavy weapon or heavy armor. The world of Boletaria is an addicting one, and I’d love nothing more than to take another hit of RPG goodness.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 was a glorious game, and still ranks as one of the most ambitious and well executed titles of this generation. And truth be told, even with a whole stack of games just waiting for me to pay them the attention they deserve I really, really want to give Snake’s final adventure a go. A part of this is just because it’s a great game. More so though, I really want to experiment with all the ways MGS4 gives you to play around with its world. There are so many elements of the gameplay that I never got around to touching. Even if I didn’t do that, even if I just fell into to doing all the same stuff I did my first four playthroughs, it would be awesome just to touch base with the game. Peace Walker is great, but I miss its PS3 big brother.

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