Slow Week

It’s been a slow week when it comes to gaming. There just hasn’t been a lot of time to play for some reason. It’s a bit of a quandry for me because I have never had more games to complete than at this point in my life. Just our recent investment in Bioware products has left my wife and I with three new titles (Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, KOTOR)to complete, and of course Mass Effect 2 to replay again and again…

I don’t know exactly why there hasn’t been much time for gaming this week. A part of it has been simply because my free moments have been devoted to other endeavours. Finally getting that transcription quiz in the mail. Catching up on Netflix. Rereading World War Z. Trying to pump out a few more pages of my own great zombie novel. I say great with modesty, of course.

A few years ago I would have done all this and then some and still been able to pump a few hours (and headshots) into Hitman: Blood Money without staying up until midnight. Lately though, I find myself in the tricky position of having to pick and choose between recreational activities. It obviously isn’t a tremendous problem. I’m sure there are some starving folk in Africa that would rather miffed by my complaining about having too many cool things to do.

That said, it still at least serves as further notice that I’m no longer some pimply teenagers with too much hair gel and a nasty habit of staring girls in the chest when I talk to them. I’m slowly becoming that older gamer, the ones we all cite when we’re trying to argue that video games aren’t just for kids. The older guy who once played for days on end but must now fight hard to squeeze a few scant hours out of the week for their handheld.

I’m not complaining per se. I like to think that I’m a far more diverse nerd than I was back in high school. Not only do I play games now, but I also read comic books! It’s hard to feel bad about losing time to The Walking Dead, but one still has to wonder where the time has gone. A question more easily answered for gamers with backed up save files. Let’s see: 200 hours to Final Fantasy VIII, 30 hours to Red Dead Redemption. Fifty hours to Star Fox 64? A playthrough of that game lasts an hour tops if you’re good! God I’m glad I have money to buy games I don’t need…

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