The Incredible Zombie Game That Someone IS Making

I recently wrote a long post about what I thought could make the ultimate zombie video game. In this I cited things like slow moving zombies, RPG elements and a focus on meaningful character interaction. At the time I thought that this game was trapped in the realm of so many other gaming pipe dreams. Well, it seems I was wrong, someone is working on a zombie game that has me salivating.

Dead State, is described by its developers (DoubleBear Productions) as a “compelling, high-tension RPG set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.” The very description sends chills down my spine, especially when you consider what they intend to include in the gameplay. Turn-based isometric combat, an open ended game world, a deep storyline, shades of gray moral choices, human as well as undead foes, classic style slow zombies attracted by excessive noise, and a large cast of characters that can be recruited or fought in the fight for survival.

Nerdgasm anyone?

After sifting through the game’s forums, reading news snippets, and reading a great interview with team member Brian Mitsoda (ex-Obsidian) I can safely say that if this game turns out to be even remotely good, I may never need another game again. And I am a fella notedly addicted to buying video games.

Check out this game, and please set aside some cash. The release date is confirmed as being not 2010, which isn’t too specific, but this is a game I think folks should definitely support. Even if it winds up sucking at least we can demonstrate that there is an interest in zombie games a bit deeper than “see zombie, open fire.”

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