Late to the Party: Knights of the Old Republic

I’ll confess, it’s been a bit sparse around here in terms of new content. That said, New England Gamer is happy to present you our (and my) very first video review!

Before you people start tearing it apart, please note that I’d love some construction criticism if anyone can offer any! Tips, advice, or just things that did or didn’t work for you, so that the next time I put one of these together it can be an improvement over the first.

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3 Responses to Late to the Party: Knights of the Old Republic

  1. Jim says:

    Audio issue: you’re either to close to the mic or you need a filter, you’re getting a LOT of ‘pops’ everytime you use a word with “P” in it.

    Good video, and spot on comments. I’ve been thinking about going back and playing the game again, and I had been wondering how ‘aged’ it would be. Force Unleashed was passable, and I’m not looking forward to SW: The Old Republic as I don’t play MMOs. So I may have to pick this game up again, and play a Jedi (good) playthrough.

  2. Stew Shearer says:

    I noticed that as well and I agree that I might need to back away from the mic a bit. Thanks for the advice, though! It’s appreciated, and yeah, definitely go back and play it over again. It’s such a fun game!

    And I too am a bit disappointed that The Old Republic will be an MMO. It probably has a lot to do with EA’s recent stance that “online is the future.” It sucks, because I would love to spend a bit more time in the Old Republic universe. Then again, I haven’t played Kotor 2 yet and I hear that’s pretty good as well.

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