Top 5 Games of 2010

2010 has come and gone and as usual there have been a bunch of awesome games across the course of the year. New England Gamer wants to share with you five of our favorites, and hope you’ll share your own with a comment or two below!

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3 Responses to Top 5 Games of 2010

  1. Dark Charizard says:

    You clearly need to play Super Mario Galaxy 2. That’s the best game of the year. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t.

    • Stew Shearer says:

      I wouldn’t turn it down if I stumbled across a free copy, but honestly, I’ve been bored with Mario for a long time. Point in case, I never finished Super Mario Galaxy 1.

      Then again, I’m a bit of a snob though and Nintendo has really pissed me off with in recent years with their constant repackaging of old products.

  2. Olaf says:

    Damn, this is by far the bestend of the year list I have encountered in a LONG time. Its pretty much my own list, except that I never did play ME2 (allways wanted, but I have a shotty PC and a PS3. All of the games you mentioned were amazing games I thoroughly enjoyed all year long, and it was these 4 games plus probably Soul silver that took up 90% of all the time I spent playing videogames this year.

    I regret not playing peace walker co-op mode, since only now did I realize I can use my ps3 to play ad hoc all over the world.

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