Late to the Party: Advent Rising

In this episode of Late to the Party I take a look at one my favorite flops, Advent Rising. With a script co-written by Orson Scott Card, a grade A musical score and an attractive presentation you’d think this would have soared like an eagle. Unfortunately it was more of a one winged pigeon. Enjoy the video and please feel free to comment!
(Oh and yes, I know I don’t directly address the alternate modes of Gideon’s psychic powers. I mention Time Shift, but don’t give much mention to the others. I know this could be seen as an oversight, but it doesn’t change the inherent mediocrity of the game’s superpowers.)

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2 Responses to Late to the Party: Advent Rising

  1. Matthew Wood says:

    This is my favorite game that I worked on. It should have done better but it was the dev team’s first real game together. I hope it gets another shot in the future.

  2. Stew Shearer says:

    That would be cool, but alas I fear the window of opportunity has passed. It’s sad because so many of its mistakes could have been easily corrected in sequels.

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