Call of Juarez: Modern Warfare

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is easily one of the biggest underrated games of the generation. Featuring a beautiful, well-written and tight single player campaign, it’s easily a more interesting game than any of the more recent Call of Duty games. In fact, were it not for its rather standard multiplayer game, I’d say it was outright better. But alas, its online experience lacks all the latest bells and whistles and so the game was relegated to the sadly growing group of shooters forced to the wayside by Activisions cash cow.

Following the exploits of a family of gunslingers in the post-Civil War west, the current games essentially did what Red Dead Redemption did in a linear FPS format. They told a great stories in a time period too often ignored by game developers enraptured by space marines and “modern warfare.” You can imagine my disappointment as such when I read today that the next Call of Juarez game will be eschewing the wild west for a modern day setting.

Had you beens standing outside my apartment you might have heard the faint whisperings of a sigh.

I know it’s too early to judge and from what I’ve seen of the concept art, Call of Juarez 3 does look like it will maintain a wild west vibe even if it is based in a modern setting. That said, is anyone else tired of modern warfare? I think we’re well past the point of it becoming what WW2 was just a few years ago. The market is oversaturated and the whole shtick is becoming dull.

And if even if the folks at Ubisoft manage to effectively transplant that vibe into modern day Mexico and California as is being claimed they may be missing part of the point. The old west is more than just cowboys and Indians. It’s connected to an entirely different mindset. It’s about opportunity, the frontier and the tragedy of the Native Americans. It’s about people trying to forge new lives for themselves in a world still untouched by industrialized society. It’s about transplanting ourselves in the shoes of so many Clint Eastwood characters.

The Call of Juarez games have been fairly good up to now and I have faith that the third entry in the franchise will be similarly solid. Chances are I’ll enjoy it thoroughly. That said, I can’t shake the feeling that a mistake is being made in moving toward this direction. You keep your assault rifles, I just want me a six shooter and a funny looking hat.

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One Response to Call of Juarez: Modern Warfare

  1. JT says:

    Glad to know someone else liked Bound in Blood 🙂 The story is really surprisingly awesome; there’s a grimness and sense of hopelessness to it that I don’t think you see in many games, especially shooters. Of course, they had to go and tack on that absurd final chapter…I thought it should have ended after the moment foreshadowed at the beginning of the game. Ah well.

    I can’t muster up too much enthusiasm for the next one. The modern setting screams of desperation on Ubisoft’s part, and I think that setting a “western game” in the present day kind of misses the point a bit.

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