IGMS Column July 2011: Rated E For Everyone

My latest column at the Intergalactic Medicine Show. In “Rated E For Everyone” I discuss the idea of video games being just for kids and the controversy that often emerges as a result.


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2 Responses to IGMS Column July 2011: Rated E For Everyone

  1. Good article, but I’m not sure that you’re correct about clerks preventing minors from buying M-rated games.

    In any case, your last paragraph is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Well done.

    • Stew Shearer says:

      I’m fairly certain that is the case. A big part of the ESA’s case against California was that most retailers already won’t sell minors M rated games, therefore why muddy things up with an unnecessary law.

      In Vermont at least, I’ve personally witnessed GameStop clerks refusing to sell M rated games to minors without a parent present.

      And thank you for the compliment! To say I was frustrated watching that would be an understatement. In the least, it gave me a good “true story” example to pull up when I need it! 🙂

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