Late to the Party: Wing Commander 2

 We take a peek at a space action classic!

I finally got around to putting together another Late to the Party review. This time we’re looking at one of my favorite games: Wing Commander II. It just recently became available at Good Old Games and while it’s definitely an oldie and carries some elderly baggage, it’s still a gem and well worth a try.

To help a few of you along with that we’ve acquired, courtesy of Good Old Games, a few voucher codes for their Wing Commander 1+2 pack. I’m not just handing them out though. You need to watch the video and leave a comment below to qualify! Anyone trying to troll won’t have much luck I’m afraid so just don’t!

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4 Responses to Late to the Party: Wing Commander 2

  1. There…….GREAT! lol, well made review my friend, very funny. i Loveed this series in the 90’s. but never had the chance to beat the first two. OMG bob ross! @ 7:43 is my desktop picture! yea, i like GOG alot. i got a few things from them already, but not this.

  2. eugaet says:

    Nice video review! The edits had me laughing through the whole thing. “Wing Commander: Prophecy doesn’t count.” Chortle.
    I played the Wing Commander games when they were first released and I’ve listed the franchise as one of my favorites ever since. After completing the campaign, I usually installed a cheat mod to enable near imperviousness. What followed were many, many hours of demolition derby in spaaaaaaaaaace! Didn’t quite work on the capital ships, though, if I remember correctly. Not that much else worked on the capital ships other than luck. Thanks for reminding me of the capital ship torpedo runs. I agree with everything said about them. But it was still fun, somehow.
    Twitter: @eugaet_aux

    • Stew Shearer says:

      And we have our winners! Lol.

      Thank you both for your comments and compliments.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who raged over the capital ships. 🙂

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